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I am a human too!

A few exercises! 👀

To all the white people reading this blog: Look at me and know I believe the following statement to my core. I, Tashia, a human like you, values and respects your human life not because the color of your “human” skin but because you are human too.

Now, I need you to repeat and believe the statement as well. Why? I said....I am “human” too.😒

(Thx for reading) ☺️

👋 To the white people still reading...look at you, great job! 👍🏽🙌🏽😊 Continue to read on...

History, years of denial, and ignorant bliss has somehow convinced you that if you’re not a white “human” you’re not an actual human. I have to believe this is true, correct? Because, if you believe the color of someone’s skin or the gender of a human determines if they receive or deserve equal human rights, then how can you believe all humans matter and more so, refer to the USA as the “Land of the Free?!“

(Okay, I lost most of the white people that were left after reading the top portion)😔

Oh 👋🏽 Still here? Okay, progress! Read on. ☺️

Now, do me a favor, see my picture? Go ahead, enlarge it, click on it, just look AT ME. Are you looking? Do you want to know why black humans are upset, why we want statues depicting the hate and the inequality of a human(s) removed?

Okay, here it goes....because.....I TOO....AM A HUMAN. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 My skin color is just not the same as your skin color...and that’s okay. You know why it’s okay, because WE are BOTH humans. 🎊Get it now? We are the Human RACE ! 🎉 Yes? No?

😫 Ugh!!!! So it is my opinion, when individuals aka HUMANS are denied basic equal “Human” and “Civil” rights then we should remove the reference to The United States of America being the “Land of the Free” or better yet, a free country, because there’s NO “Freedom” and all lives DON’T matter when humans who look different from white HUMANS have to fight for equal HUMAN rights, civil rights, equal pay, equal opportunities , equal education, etc...Do y’all get that? 🧐 No seriously, do you comprehend what I’m saying? 🤔

It bothers me when I read articles or see post that say “all lives matter” or they say the “BLM movement is a terrorist group”. But won’t acknowledge that the KKK IS (not was) an organization and continues to be a “movement” that promotes the white race “is the superior race“ and deems individuals (humans) that look just like ME less than a human! 😡😤😡😤😡

¡Bonus round!

White people, if you have gotten to this particular point in my post, I implore you to think with a more logical perspective.

Here’s your “Fix it Friday” exercise:

Remove yourself from anyone that may be around you, go to a mirror, and just take a moment to look at yourself. Now breathe, breathe again, and one more time. Good. Hopefully, you have cleared your mind from all external noises.

Now, think about this....If you remove the presence of the BLM movement from the internet, streets, and from the media and focus your mind and heart on the three words in this sentence...literally....just solely focus on this simple sentence and say it out loud: “Black HUMANS matter.”

(Say it a few times...go ahead)

Now, do you believe in your heart the sentence you just said is true? Yes? No?

Guess what? Yes, I do. I,Tashia, a human believe BLACK humans matter because I truly believe ALL HUMANS matter!

If you don’t, you will not understand and will remain frustrated at what you see and hear. The BLM “movement” will always remain present! We will be present during and after COVID! BLM will be in the face of the media and news until WE don’t have to repeat the same sentence because YOU, a human like me, believes the sentence too!

I need you to believe it and believe it to your core that....all humans can’t matter until BLACK humans matter too!!!! 👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿

(Truly the end! Now for my hashtag fun! 😂🤣)


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