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Under Construction: Wear Your Cast, God is fixing it!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Depression is as real as a broken arm. Like depression, a broken bone may be hidden from the natural eye. Sometimes you can’t see a broken bone because the fracture may lie underneath the skin. Depression can hurt just as bad, be just as painful and just as uncomfortable. Like a broken arm, it can make the most straightforward task seem the most difficult to do. With a fractured arm tying your own shoes or brushing your teeth can be challenging. With depression getting out of bed and putting a smile on your face can be a difficult task. That same smile just maybe a mask to hide the mental pain that has taken over your mind. But just like a broken bone, depression can be mended, and you can be delivered from the pain.

A broken arm needs to be held together and protected from being re-injured. It needs to be guarded against things that can cause it more pain and hurt. Depression needs the same thing. Depression is REAL and sometimes hard to mend. The blessing in disguise is although you may feel like the pain may never subside, trust me it will! A broken arm can be fixed and healed over time and eventually, sometimes without a trace of the prior fracture and even at times better than before. For depression handed it over to God. For God is the only true ONE that can hold and mold ALL the broken pieces back together by grace, mercy, and love. HE will protect the most fragile of fragile from being re-injured to be guarded against things that can and will try to cause more pain and hurt. In time with patience and proper care, God can mend you and put the broken pieces back together just like brand new. So wear your sling in peace and know under the cast, God is working and mending all the fractured pieces together...mind, body, spirit, and soul. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE IN! Remember HIS promises.....I did, and I'm Strong Than Before Because Depression Didn't Break Me!

Bible Reading: MSG Bible

Peter 5:7 Isaiah 41:10 1Cor 10:13 Matthew 11 28:30 and my favorite one...Jeremiah 29:11

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